What We Believe...

You might expect a mission statement at this point. We haven't got one.

Established in 1989, Cheah Teh & Su is an unconventional commercial law firm with a substantial reputation. Our operational philosophy distinguishes us from other advocates and solicitors. Our whole approach to the law and client service is designed to deliver the benefit of greater knowledge to our clients. Not just academic knowledge of the law - any good law firm can do that - but commercial, legal knowledge backed up with sound industry knowledge, sharply focused.

The law is complex. There are endless murky tints of inconclusive grey. Our skill is to take a confused situation and bring it into sharp focus. Once it is clearly defined, the way forward is usually clearer too.

Anyone can counsel caution or recommend inaction. It is too easy a way out. We, by contrast, seek to create rather than just negate, to look instinctively for the opportunity rather than just the disadvantages, to search out a new solution instead of giving up when the conventional doesn't work. And it is on this intellectually robust conviction that our reputation rests.

It has been said that John, Paul, George and Ringo would never have become pop icons without the help of an unknown and unseen contributor. He, of course, was George Martin, the Beatles' producer, mentor and interpreter. He became the trusted outsider. At Cheah Teh & Su, we aim to play a similar, if rather less dramatic, role. We work with our clients. We complement and help stimulate their management teams. Our skills of analysis and advocacy are used to interpret and present their objectives, enabling the idea to move forward faster and more decisively.

We are an energetic, open and innovative practice committed to providing intelligent and creative legal advice. At Cheah Teh & Su the partners don't tell us what to say, but reinforce our understanding of the law and its priorities - innovation, not replication is key; the biggest risk lies in never taking one. All of this reminds us that law is about ideals, not just deals.

The world as we know it is constantly evolving to meet new demands and opportunities. That's why, at Cheah Teh & Su, we decided that there should be a law firm that did the same.

And you thought all lawyers were the same.